Friday, June 24, 2016

Put Britain at the Front of the Queue

The British electorate has voted to exit the EU.  Whether we agree or disagree with their reasons, or see the wisdom of exiting, the democratic process has spoken.   We in America, the land where modern democracy began, should respect the decision of Britain's voters.  Now is not the time for America, or Americans, to take partisan positions.  Europe is splintering, and potentially weakening.  Continental Europe will probably react badly, and set harsh terms for Britain's exit.  With Continental Europe beset by popular insurgencies, more instability is likely and other nations may leave the EU.    Bad actors, ranging from Russia to Iran to Islamic radicals, will attempt to take advantage of Europe's divisiveness.  America is the one nation in the world that can play the role of honest broker and bridge the gaps that will now emerge.

Britain will need to negotiate a new trade pact with the United States.  President Obama imprudently threatened that, if Britain voted to exit the EU, America would put Britain at the end of the queue for the negotiation of such a pact.  That ill-advised threat should now be disregarded.  Britain is America's staunchest ally in Europe, and America benefits greatly from a stable and prosperous Britain.  British troops have fought side-by-side with American troops in numerous conflicts since World War I, and America and Britain have one of the best intelligence sharing arrangements in the world. Britain is now headed for independence, and America can only lose by being punitive. Put Britain at the front of the queue.

America should also work with the EU to reduce, as much as possible, the friction likely to result from Britain's exit.  A wounded and angry EU can be detrimental to the world's economy and international security.  America may be the only nation that can calm things down.

Brexit gives America the opportunity to expand its international role, this time without having to send  troops overseas.  For those who think America is in decline, think again.  As much as ever, America is needed in Europe, and should now step forward and play the role of superpower.

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