Monday, July 6, 2015

Ode To Greece's No Vote

Greek voters said "no" to the EU's latest bailout proposal, defiantly rebuffing another round of austerity. Democracy spoke, but the fat lady has yet to sing.  With a nod to Gilbert and Sullivan, this is how the song might go:

Here's a how-de-do.
If I vote for you,
When the time comes to make payments,
You will tell them we have ailments,
Default will ensue.
Here's a how-de-do,
Here's a how-de-do.

Here's a pretty mess.
In a month or less,
Greece will add some extra drama
By reviving the old drachma.
Banks will be distressted.
Here's a pretty mess,
Here's a pretty mess.

Greece's state of things
Is to life it barely clings.
Paying its debts with devotion
Doesn't seem to suit its notion.
More depression it brings.
Here's a state of things,
Here's a state of things.

No one knows what will be the result of this crisis.  Just remember that, no matter what, a good gyros makes for a fine meal.

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