Thursday, April 10, 2014

When the Market Will Go Down Next

With the stock market having more than doubled since its 2009 low, the question on the table--just about every investor's table--is when will the market turn down?  Recent trading days give us a likely answer.

For the past three trading days, the market dropped sharply as momentum stocks had bad momentum days.  Today, the market rallied briskly when the Federal Reserve released notes of its most recent open market committee meeting, indicating that central bank accommodation is alive and well.  Sweeter words could not have fallen on the market's ears, and stocks rejoiced.

As long as the market has confidence in central banks, there won't be a major downturn.  If the market senses that central banks are losing control, watch out.  Corporate earnings matter for individual stocks.  But central banking is the key to the overall direction of the market. 

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