Thursday, October 24, 2013

McResource And Your Tax Dollars

McDonald's, it seems, has a hotline called McResource that helps employees get food stamps and other public assistance.  See  Apparently, McPay is so low, McDonald's knows that many employees will need help from government programs.  So they have institutionalized for employees the process of getting public and charitable aid.

It's nice to know that our tax dollars support McDonald's personnel costs.  What could be a better use for our hard earned tax payments than burnishing the shine on the golden arches and boosting the company's earnings?  Even the private charity McD's employees get is indirectly subsidized by taxpayers, since contributions are likely to be deductible.

One wonders if Micky D's ought pay its employees better.  But, no.  Perish the thought.  Executive bonuses don't increase if employee costs go up.   All the better if the government subsidizes the company.

As for right wing proclamations about cutting back on welfare programs, well, forget it.  Poor people have essentially no political power.  But when public assistance subsidizes Corporate America, there's no chance that those with political power will allow the programs to be substantially reduced.

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