Saturday, May 18, 2013

News Flash: Republicans Don't Like Profiling

Well, it appears that Republicans don't like profiling after all.  At least, not when Tea Partiers are profiled by the IRS.  When the targets of profiling are black or Muslim, well . . . . 

Of course, the IRS should not have profiled Tea Partiers.  As liberals have been saying for decades, profiling is unfair and illegal.  But the level of outrage emanating from the right is pathetic, at best.  Profiling is all too common, and we shouldn't get any more outraged over the IRS's profiling of Tea Partiers than we do over the profiling of blacks, Muslims and other people.  Finding a conservative commentator who'd agree with this point would take longer than the IRS took to process Tea Party nonprofit applications.  And that's the problem with political discourse these days.  The point of view too often taken is "If it hurts me, it's bad.  If it hurts people I don't like or don't care about, it's okay."  Profiling is unprincipled.  But so are way too many participants in today's political mosh pit.

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