Monday, June 1, 2009

Buying a Car in the 21st Century

Now that we taxpayers own GM and Chrysler, car buying won't be the same. The next time you buy a car, should you favor your car companies, as opposed to Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc.? After all, if GM and Chrysler sell more cars rather than less, they will need fewer of your tax dollars in bailout money from the U.S. Treasury. And the Treasury's holdings of GM and Chrysler stock will increase in value, which could ultimately ease your tax burdens if the government sells these shareholdings at a profit. Why not make some money while you spend some?

Perhaps you'll see the Secretary of the Treasury or the Vice President on prime time TV, pitching GM or Chrysler products. (Biden's got the smile for the job.) The Social Security Administration could include brightly colored sales brochures along with your annual benefits statement.

The Fed might offer zero percent financing for GM and Chrysler vehicles, but only until the end of the month. The IRS could give rebates for purchases made during this weekend's bargain blowout.

If the GM or Chrysler product you buy turns out to be a lemon, you'll be able to write your Representative or Senator about warranty work that isn't satisfactory. And you can complain to the Treasury, or better yet the White House, if there aren't enough cupholders or the paint peals after a few years.

Bad boys who fear the FBI will learn to look for unmarked GM or Chyrsler sedans, instead of Ford Crown Vics. The EPA Adminstrator's official car will be a Chevy Volt.

If things turn out well enough for GM and Chrysler, maybe Ford will want to sell some stock to the U.S. government. Toyota and Honda, too. After all, business is business.

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